DIY Address Post and Hose Holder

When we bought our house, there were no numbers posted, and the sidewalk paint had faded away. We also quickly came across the problem that people believed the neighbors next door was our house!  I had to come up with SOME solution! I wasn’t comfortable putting numbers on the house, because we have stucco in the places it would usually go and no wood to post it on (like on the eaves).

So I was browsing Pinterest (have I told you how MUCH I LOVE THAT SITE?!) and found these cute plans!  (BTW I find EVERYTHING DIY on Shanty2Chic!)

They are SO easy and cheap to build! What I loved about this project is that because it uses a 4×4 post for each, you only need to buy one 4x4x8′ post and cut it in half. Then, you’ve got enough material for two projects! Directly below you’ll find the Shanty plans… And below that, my modified plans!

Shanty’s House Number Post
Shanty’s Hose Holder

So of course, I HAD to build them. Plus, we NEEDED them. I wasn’t going to let my nice, Costco hose sit on the ground! Gross.

Mine are a little modified to fit my taste and needs.   (Also, bear with my photography skills. I’m not as fancy as Shanty is) -.-

Here’s the materials you’ll need.

Hose Holder

– 4x4x4′ post – about $3-5

– Metal hose holder – $10

– Solar 4×4 light – $10

– Stain of your choice – I chose Minimax espresso

– Polyurethane sealer for outdoor

– Spray paint (for the hose holder)

Address Post

– 4x4x4′ post

– Metal house numbers – $3 each

– Stain – I chose Minimax espresso

– Polyurethane sealer for outdoor

– Solar 4×4 light – $10

And of course, the essentials.. Drill.. Drill bit.. Shovel. You know. In all, this project probably cost about $40, including both lights and the hose holder.  So, $20 a pop? Think about it, you can’t even purchase a new mailbox post for that much.


For more detailed instructions, go to Shanty’s site. But honestly, these are SO EASY! And both have the same first couple of steps.

1. Have Home Depot cut your 8 foot post in half (or do it yourself. Like I’ve said, my little car can’t fit long wood in it)

2. Prep your wood by sanding the rough edges.

3. Stain stain stain! I did one coat.

4. Finish off your stain with sealer. This will protect the wood from the elements.

5a. Hose: paint your hose holder in a color that matches your stain.

5b. Address post: start by aligning where you’d like your numbers and drill pilot holes

6a. Attach your hose holder to your post about 4 inches from the top of the post. You want enough room for the light, but also not so high up that it will tip over.

6b. Attach your numbers.

7. Attach your solar light and drill pilot holes into the wood, then screw them in.

8. Dig your hole! It needs to be at LEAST a foot deep so that the weight of the hose/etc. doesn’t tip it.

9. With some helping hands, place your post in your hole and bury it, pressing down on the soil to make sure it stays nice and straight.

And you’re done!

**Side note**

So the reason I chose solar lights for mine was purely functional. We have no lights where each post was placed, so we needed some sort of light source in case we were ever out at night. Also, a light source atop a house number’s post can help people find the house at night, too!

I purchased the lights at Home Depot in the wood section. You won’t find them where you’d THINK they’d be (trust me, I searched all over) like in the light or garden section! My only qualms about these lights is the light is weak, but for $10, they’re worth it.  It would be really awesome to get all fancy and run electrical wires through the post, and then have a nicer, fancier light on top… But that’s above my skill-level at the moment.

The hose holder!
An up-close shot of the address post. Isn’t it cute?
Here’s a shot of where I placed it in the front.  Check out my FARMHOUSE SHUTTERS here.


And since I’ve been using Shanty’s projects….Here’s a little Shanty love! ❤  ❤


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