My Tried and True Skincare Routine

So, if you’ve read any of my previous posts, ever, at all, you’ll know I’m CRAZZZZZY about organic skincare.  My last post detailed some of my forays into the world of lipstick, and I sorta maybe promised I’d talk about my skincare routine.. I’ve been developing this routine for about four years now, ever since I delved into the world of sample boxes! Over the years, I’ve reviewed several products and lines, and here are my favorites.


– Pangea Organics Toner

– Kiss My Face Sunscreen

– Burt’s Bees Day Lotion / Acure Day Lotion

– Makeup – mascara, lipstick, eyeliner

– Pacifica Tuscan Blood Roll-On Perfume


– Acure Organics Facial Scrub

– Acure Organics Shampoo and Conditioner

– Pangea Organics Toner

– Burt’s Bees Night Lotion / Acure Night Lotion


Acure Organics Facial Cleansing Gel $10

My all-time favorite cleansing gel I have tested thus far, it has effectively kept my face nice and clean for years.  I’ve never broken out with it, and the hubby, prone to breakouts, uses it without issue. Acure Organics is my absolute favorite line, as you’ll see I use a lot of their products. I typically use a silicon scrub pad like this, and dab a small bead onto it. I scrub in counter-clockwise motions across my face and chest.

Target has also started carrying Acure Organics! Yay!

Tom’s of Maine Clean Mint Toothpaste $4

A great alternative to any typical toothpaste full of chemicals, this toothpaste can be found at Target.  My favorite one is Clean Mint.


Acure Organics Day Cream $17

If I could buy this all the time I would. Unfortunately, it is on the expensive side.  But, it is the best day cream I have tested. Non-greasy, light fragrance and does not break you out.

Acure Organics Night Cream $18 (they also have a Oil-Control Cream)

This is also the best night cream I have tested, and bodes the same as Acure’s Day Cream. It is a bit thicker and greasier (as it is meant to be being a night cream) and the scent is pleasant.

Acure Organics Lotion $10

The only lotion I’ll really use regularly, they have a couple of fragrances I love.  Goes on smooth, non-greasy and keeps you hydrated all day.

Kiss My Face Shave Gel $8

So much better than your typical, foaming, environment-killing shave gel! It comes in many fragrances, including Cool Mint, Lavender and Shea and Fragrance Free. Also protects your legs from razor burn.

Pangea Organics Facial Toner $32 – expensive, but worth it.

I’d say this is my splurge of the day.  At $8 an ounce, it is definitely expensive.  However, using a toner is important in your skincare routine, as it helps shrinks pores, keeps breakouts under control, moisturizes, adds a layer of protection under makeup, and is super refreshing. Four to six spritzes will do the trick.  It also smells super wonderful!

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion $10

While not my favorite moisturizer, it is certainly my backup.  Readily available and much cheaper off-site (Target, Amazon, etc.) this moisturizer is non-greasy, light and hydrating.  The scent is pleasant as well.

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Lotion $12 – cheaper at Target  FYI

This is also not my favorite, but the same goes as above.  It is slightly more greasy (but typical for a night cream) and hydrating.  The scent is not pleasant, and the hubby hates it. But at $12, it is certainly your least expensive option.


Acure Organics Pure Mint Shampoo $10

This has been my favorite brand since my No-Poo Shampoo experiment.  This particular scent is for volume control and dry to regular hair. It smells wonderful, and is much better than other brands.  It leaves my hair feeling and smelling great.  Many people have complimented how smooth and soft my hair is after using this shampoo.  They also have a curly/greasy Repair formula my husband uses.

Acure Organics Pure Mint Conditioner $10

As above, the same goes for this conditioner.


Kiss My Face Sensitive SPF 30 $8

One of my favorite, most effective sunscreens, I typically mix this with a bit of moisturizer in the morning to put on my face.  By itself, it is typically greasy, but if mixed with moisturizer, it is less so.  I recommend using SPF 30 or higher DAILY on your face and exposed places, as sun-damage is no joke, folks.


Gabriel Cosmetics Mascara $16

I have used this brand for years, and my only complaint is it is not water resistant.  Other than that, it goes on dark, smooth and does not clump.  I love the brush as well, because the brush applicator helps to eliminate clumps.

Gabriel Cosmetics Eyeliner $12

Also another one of my go-to brands, I have been using this product for years.  When sharpened properly, it creates a smooth line and is fairly easy to create the cat-eye look everyone loves.  However, it easily smudges so do not rub your eyes!

Pacifica Water-Resistant Mascara $14

I think this is quickly becoming my favorite, as it is actually water-resistant (but NOT water proof!) It stays on better than my previous mascara, Gabriel Cosmetics.  A little bit more prone to clumps, it is easy enough to apply and remove clumps by simply pressing them out.  The applicator is different but not terrible.  And how cute is the packaging!?

Pacifica Makeup Remover Wipes $6

While it has a funky, baby-butt scent (not really a fan), it does get the job done and is great for travel. Always remove your makeup before bed, folks!

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Roll-On Perfume $12

I like this roll-on because it is easy to guide anywhere and leaves a light scent that is not overpowering like your typical, chemical-ridden perfumes.  Also, being a roll-on is better for the environment than a spray. No parabens, no “fragrance” blends that you have no clue what it’s made of, and 100% natural using essential oils. Absolutely wonderful.

*All products can be found on Amazon Prime/Target for slightly cheaper. 😉

Here are the previous posts I’ve done on the following products:

Pangea Organics

Acure Shampoo and Conditioner 

Kiss My Face Sunscreen

Acure Scrub and Cream

Thanks for reading!


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