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Olivia Burton Watch

Hey ya’ll,

When it comes to fashion, beauty, food and everything else, I have a very specific palate.  With fashion, I typically tend to lean towards the more authentic, genuine and REAL items rather than the cheapest, gaudiest items.  Basically, I’d rather have a few, expensive, quality items rather than a whole closet full of cheaply-made, going-to-fall-apart-in-a-year clothing and accessories.  In addition, I love neutral, earthy tones mixed with bright pops and patterns.

For about two or three years now, I’ve felt I’ve been missing a certain accessory and have searched all over for it.  A stylish trend that’s been popular recently is the wristwatch.  And being one who loves earthy tones, but won’t settle for a $20 watch from Target, I’ve been on the prowl.

One day, (I think it was on Pinterest) I stumbled across a watch I LOVED.  It was this one, a beautiful, MVMT rose-gold and leather watch with real leather. At nearly $115 plus shipping, I was very hesitant to purchase it (AND it was out of stock, so…).  I searched around for something similar, but less pricey. I discovered Olivia Burton’s line from London, but again, the price range (while exceptionally beautiful and met all my requirements) was still a little steep. See, while I’d rather splurge on an expensive, well-made item, at heart I am still careful with my money. So it takes me a long time to finally take the plunge and purchase something.

FINALLY, FINALLY FINALLY I was puttering around Modcloth and lo-and-behold, in the sale section, MY ONE TRUE LOVE was awaiting! And it was literally the LAST one available on the site.

It is called the Enchanted Garden Flower Festival Tan and Gold.  Made with genuine leather (A MUST for me, as genuine leather doesn’t start to ‘peel’ like man-made leather), gold casing and floral details on the face, it was a perfect STEAL at $68.  Did you read that right?! $68-freaking bucks.  So of course I had to get it. And I did. And here she is!

Isn’t she beautiful? You can find the watch here for 80 pounds (roughly $106 + shipping since the BREXIT ordeal).

What’s your favorite watch or accessory? Comment below.


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