Our Wedding 2015

Guess who’s back..Back again.

So, a LOT has happened since this last post… Let me catch you up.

August 2014: started teaching HIGH SCHOOL! Yep, I’m a teacher

September 2014: Started my Masters at CSUSB.


…..A whirlwind of a busy year passed me by without even realizing it…


March 2015: WE BOUGHT A HOUSE – more to come later, ya’ll.

June 2015: BacheLAURETTE PARTY! – hehehehehe get it?

June 20th, 2015: WE FINALLY TIED THE KNOT!

August-now 2016: Masters, working at RUSD, fixing up our beautiful house, Portland, Oregon…. So many things.

Since I know this is overwhelming, why don’t I start with our wedding? Here we goooooooo! (We’re off to Neverland!)

The Date: June 20th, 2015

So if you haven’t read our history, you should read about it here.
The Location: Los Peñasquitos Ranch House,  Canyonside Park Driveway, San Diego, CA 92129

The Background Story: We shopped around for different venues, knowing our budget was small ($5,000). Initially, we wanted an outdoor wedding in a park, somewhere in Rancho Cucamonga. (Have I told you how damn EXPENSIVE anywhere but a state-owned park is?!) We looked at a few places, both public and privately-owned and had some ideas but it was soo expensive! I’m talking over $10,000 for FOOD alone! (Our guest list was over 100 people, so we knew it would get expensive). And guys, did you know wedding venues charge for SECURITY and alcohol fees, even if you bring your own booze? I mean WHAT!?

However, after a few nasty, smoggy summer days in June 2014, we started looking in San Diego. We looked at a campground I’ve gone to every summer, with views of the water and sunset (dreamy!) but they charged $300 for security, and $300 for alcohol with the stipulation that NO glass was allowed… I mean, how are you supposed to have GOOD booze in plastic bottles? So we started to look inland, and somehow, I stumbled across the Ranch House. Sometime at the end of June, James and my bridesmaids happened to be camping in San Diego, and took a day-tour of the venue.

WE INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE. Danielle took some amazing photos of the venue, and we met with Ranger Paul, who outlined everything. For $700, we’d have the entire grounds to ourselves for the weekend (set-up and break-down was included)! They only asked we vacate before dark due to park hours and lighting being not-so-great. We’d have access to the kitchen (but ended up not, more on that later) and full-access to the grounds. No alcohol fee, just no hard alcohol bottles, but pre-mixed like margaritas, wine and beer was fine. (Totally okay with us, we only wanted wine and beer anyways). We found out about a month before that the kitchen was under renovation and we wouldn’t have access to it. Oh well, not a big deal.

Sooooo fast forward about a year, and the day was finally upon us! A lot of this wedding was DIY, thrifted, borrowed, and bought. The only thing we really paid full-price and didn’t mind was photography. I knew from the beginning I wanted a professional because these photos are the only tangible thing that will remind us of every detail. I wanted them perfect!


Food: TACO BAR – $800 for 100 people
Dress: $300 for materials, handmade by my bridesmaid, Melissa
Suit: Free, James already had it in his closet from graduation
Decor: $200-500, Thrifted and handmade
Tables, chairs, umbrellas and bamboo arch: $800,
Invitations: $100, handmade by me with materials
Tablecloths: $100, (resold later for $60)
Wine: donated by James’ family
Photography: $1600 by Classic Photography
Hair and makeup: free, done by my brother’s girlfriend.


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