The NO-POO Shampoo Experiment

This is an old post from 2012, but my most popular on my old blog!

A few years ago, I learned about homemade beauty products and how much better they are for you than everything else.  Everything from sugar scrubs to alternatives to shampoo.  Which brings me to my next subject.  No Poo Shampoo! As weird as this sounds, I’ve decided I’m going to experiment with this: a) to save money and b) why not?  James will also be accompanying me on this experiment because he has extremely greasy hair and dandruff to boot.

So, it’s pretty simple, going cold-turkey on using shampoo.  Now, I understand what you’re thinking: “Wait WHAT?! No shampoo! I can’t go a day without feeling greasy..” And I totally understand.  My hair is greasy by the end of the day and it BUGS the hell out of me.  I have short hair, so it’s easier to manage but being part Italian, I’ve got naturally greasy hair.

So what does this No Poo Shampoo experiment consist of? Well, DUH no shampoo. Silly goose! I’ve done a little research and after quitting shampoo, the natural balance of your scalp begins to recalibrate, and thus you will experience horrible hair days for a week or two.  Maybe three or four.  But you definitely get results after just a week, and there are ways to remedy the greasiness.

Now of all the websites I’ve researched, they’ve all agreed on the ingredients, but not on how often to use them.  Really, it all depends on the chemistry of your skin and hair, so it’s up to you to figure out the best combination.

So enough chatter: here’s the general idea:

The Goods

1. Stop using shampoo!

2. Buy yourself a box of baking soda ($1), a bottle of apple cider vinegar ($3 for a giant bottle at Target), a spray bottle ($1 in the travel section) and some tea tree oil as well, if you can find it. [[A total of $5? Steal. I spend more than that on just shampoo once a month]]

3. Combine 1/4-1/2 tablespoon of baking soda with a little bit of water, until you get a paste-like substance. (Remember that glue stuff we all liked to eat in our kinder years? Yup.)

4. Rub that pasty stuff gently into your scalp, massaging as you go.  This will intially make your hair feel dry and cottony while in the shower, but it should feel soft once it is dry.

5. Follow with a ACV rinse by spritzing it on the ends and rinsing it out after a few minutes. If you experience itchiness, add a drop or two of the tea tree oil once a week.

You can do this once a week, or even every day until your hair and scalp starts to gain back its natural balance. I personally used baking soda every day until my skin was back to au-natural.  If your hair begins to dry out, try using a little olive oil.  If it becomes frizzy, use less baking soda and add some honey. If it becomes overly greasy, use a little bit of lemon juice.

What are the benefits? Well, for starters, money saved on expensive and ineffective shampoos and conditioners.  A healthy way of life, considering that beauty products are full of disgusting and unpronouncable chemicals that are doing long-term damage to your skin, the biggest organ in your body.  Saving the environment one plastic bottle at a time! And healthier hair.  Try it out! Let me know how it works for you, or if you’re interested in trying or are already a No Poo freak!

So, here are the results of my experiment! Scrub a dub dub! Don’t forget to wash behind your ears!

Special thanks to FulfilledHomemakingNature Moms and WiseBread for their No Poo stories and recipes!

My hair before my experiment. Valentine’s Day 2012! Shiny!

*Note, my hair color varies from picture to picture. This is due to lighting :[

Feb. 15th, Day One: alright, lesson learned, always finish with ACV (apple cider vinegar). My hair feels gritty, stiff and is overly tangled. Since baking soda is a base, counter with the acidity of ACV to avoid this. My hair does feel a bit greasy, but I expected this  My hair feels gritty which makes me think it is greasy, but it really isn’t.

Day 1 hair. Grittty 😦

Feb. 17th, Day Three: Using ACV makes a HUGE difference.  Although my hair is not the same texture and softness as it was pre-no-shampoo, it is no longer gritty, easy to comb, and not greasy! It’s a little rough, like I stuck my head out the car window all the way down the 210.  But nothing a little brushing won’t fix! 😉

Day 5 hair. Stickin’ my tongue out at you!! It was greasy that day.

Feb. 21st, Day 7: So my hair has been greasy.  Not too bad, but it’s annoying. So instead of ACV I used fresh lemon juice. Boy, was it refreshing! It made my hair smell good, and it actually felt like I put conditioner in my hair while I was rubbing rinsing it through.  My hair feels a little greasy today, but not nearly as much as it was.  So definitely use a little bit of lemon juice every once in a while.  But unless you want to comb seeds and pulp out of your hair, try bottles of lemon juice.

Feb. 23rd, Day 9: Finally got some tea tree oil.  I tried it last night! I’ll admit… I used WAYYY too much. 😐 On the bright side, lesson learned: only a FEW DROPS will do.  Not three hand-fulls. Oops. My bad. In my defense the bottle didn’t have a little eye dropper! Anyways…It makes my hair smell good! And I’m not itchy, but when I woke up this morning, it was super greasy. Ewww. So I washed it out really good with lemon juice and that made it all better 🙂 Now it’s super soft.  Definitely worth the $8.

Day 9 hair. It looks darker than usual! 

This is after I washed all the tea tree oil out.

Feb. 24th, Day 10: My hair has gone back to pre-shampoo! It’s soft, doesn’t tangle as easily and NOT GREASY! Yaaaaaay! I’ll keep you posted on how many days after today it stays this way.  It all depends on your skin for how long it takes to get back to ‘normal’.  So we’ll see!

**No cute animals were harmed in the making of this beautiful head of hair 😉 Promise, it’s all mine!


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