Why Organic Skincare MATTERS

We’re all running low on funds nowadays, so it’s super easy to walk into Riteaid or Target and become overwhelmed by all of the cheap, colorful makeup and skincare products.  All Natural! Great on your skin! Reduces fine lines and wrinkles! Sure, that all sounds fine and dandy, but have you ever taken the time to actually READ the ingredients and see what ALL NATURAL means? Alright, say you do read the labels.. And you have no clue what a single ingredient even means. So you shrug your shoulders and put it in your basket, because you need it anyways and, heck, for $3.99? Can’t pass that up.  Well, I’ve learned to leave those pretty packaged products on the shelves.  I’ve started educating myself on the ingredients I can’t read and you know what I found? They’re BAD for you.  Bad bad bad! That’s right, there are TOXIC chemicals in your beauty products! The WORSE offenders are lauryl/laureth sulfates, PG or PEG’s (propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol), phthalates, glycols, petrochemicals and parabens. (Check out this lovely site for purposes and uses of chemicals and other things here and Skin Deep for more information) So why are these bad boys in our beauty products? Because the US doesn’t regulate what goes into your products like they do in the United Kingdom.  The FDA says that there is no correlation between cancer and chemicals in our beauty products, but they have yet to do a long-term study, so what good does that do? Because of this, I’ve been on an organic trend lately.  You can imagine how excited I was to receive a little sample of Juice Beauty organic blemish cleanser in my March Birchbox!

You can see my little sample right in the middle 🙂

I FINALLY had the chance to try out something organic without paying full price for something that I might not like.  Well, to tell you the truth, I only got to use it once, but this is because I gave it to my brother to try.  (I have very clear skin, whereas my poor teenage brother was having bad breakouts) Well, it worked.  And it worked AMAZINGLY on his skin! We saw a difference overnight, and by the end of the week, his face was completely cleared up.  My mom was so happy she bought two bottles on the spot.  Even though the blemish cleanser wasn’t for me, I was nonetheless extremely excited to try out different products.  So I went on a hunt to my local Ulta for Juice Beauty.  The first time I was unsuccessful, but the second time around I found it!

I tested out all of the products on hand on my skin and put them to the nose test and I was happy with what I found! So I bought what I definitely needed and used most in my skin regime.  Green Apple Cleansing Gel and Green Apple SPF 15 moisturizer.  And I am happy to report I love them both! Not only are they USDA organic, but the ingredients on the back are understandable! (Check them out here and here for information and a list of ingredients)  Now I know what I am putting on my skin and how it works.  No more murky ingredient labels with dangerous sulfates, parabens and petrochemicals, but apple juice and lemon juice and rosehip fruit extract! The difference is amazing.  I wholeheartedly believe that it is better to spend a pretty penny on something you know has ingredients you can read than to buy something just because it’s ‘name brand’ or ‘quick and easy’ to pick up and forget about what you’re putting on your skin.  Your skin is your body’s biggest organ, so why not put what you would put in it, on it?!

Here’s some brands that I’m roaring to try and you should too!

Dr. Bronner’s — tried and true!

Alima Pure Cosmetics — tried and true!

Afterglow Cosmetics — tried and true!

Acure Organics — tried and true!

Pangea Organics — tried and true!

Beeseline — tried and true!

One Love Organics


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