Review: Bug Repellant and Aloe Gel

For our one-year wedding anniversary, we camped in Big Sur and Monterey, California. CAN I SHOW YOU PICTURES!? Yes, of course I can. Ready? There’s a lot. Alright, I’ll choose a few…

Was that enough? If you’re me, no. So go here to see my Big Sur post and all the glorious photos I took, so you can go and take better pictures than me. ūüėõ

Of course, this is a yearly must for us, as hubby has been going since he was in diapers, and I’ve been going since I was a teen. ¬†But, if you’ve ever camped-well and truly CAMPED- in Big Sur, you’ll be fully aware of the bug situation.

BUGS ON BUGS ON BUGS. I MEAN IT. And if you are just as yummy as I am, they’ll be all over you.

But, if you’re like me, you certainly don’t want DEET and chemicals on your skin, right? Right. Because you’re all conscious, decent human beings.

Hubby bought this a few years ago, on his bike trip down Pacific Coast Highway.  It is a wonderfully-effective repellant against bugs! Seriously! Last year, our cousins brought that nasty stuff that is found at all drug stores, and they complained that they STILL had bugs all over them, while we were sitting pretty without a single, heart-stopping buzzing near our ears.  So here it is.

All Terrain Co. Herbal Armor Natural Insect Repellant $8 for 4oz

Aloe_Gel_Skin_Relief_5oz_2As I said, it was wonderfully effective. ¬†A bit greasy, but that’s because it is a concoction of essential oils that bugs hate. So you smell good, too! I usually spritz some on my exposed areas. I would not recommened applying it to clothing, as it will leave a stain. You can find this online, but Amazon Prime also carries it. Otherwise, we bought ours at REI.

All Terrain Aloe Gel Skin Relief $8 for Boz

at_herbalarmor1003_aquasportgiftAdditionally to the insect repellant, the same company supplies other products, and this aloe gel is another of my must-haves. ¬†Especially since today, hubby and I attended a pool party, where, despite applying sunscreen (apparently we didn’t do it enough) we both got burned. Him more so than me (because I’m Italian, I tan) but we both liberally applied this gel. ¬†Wonderful! Soothing, without chemicals so I’m never worried or self-conscious. ¬†Because I am. Whenever someone buys me or gives me something like a lotion or perfume, I feel terrible knowing that if I put that on my skin, I’m willingly applying chemcials. ¬†Ick. ¬†I can’t do that! I just can’t guys. WHICH IS WHY I LOVE THIS ALOE GEL!

Alright. Now go check out my Big Sur photos.


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