Life Is Never What You Dreamed

It is what it is.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

If I were to go back in time and secretly interview myself, my answers for how life would be 10 years from then are totally different from how life actually is today.

I distinctly remember being about 17 and dreaming about my life when I turned 25.

I would:

  • Have moved out into an apartment at age 18
  • Be married to my husband by 21
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business by 20
  • Have a Masters Degree in something
  • Traveled to Italy/London
  • Make over $80,000 through my own business or a desk job
  • Live in Rancho Cucamonga (a really nice, expensive area) and ride the bike trail every day
  • Have a huge house, two stories with a huge backyard and granite counter tops, furnished from Crate and Barrel
  • Buy all the clothes, purses, decorations I could ever want whenever I want

Pretty much past that I wasn’t sure. But I was ABSOLUTELY SURE I:

  • Didn’t want to be a teacher
  • Didn’t want children

And over the years, my Pinterest Board reflected that. While in college, I entertained the idea of both and pinned things with a huge question mark next to all of them, thinking “That will never happen”.

At 25 years old, everything feels different, but in retrospect is just a slight variation of my dreams.  Now, I am/have:

  • Lived with my parents til 24
  • Married to my high school sweetheart
  • A small house (not in Rancho)
  • A Bachelor’s in English, and am halfway through my Masters in Special Ed.
  • A Special Ed. TEACHER. (Never would have guessed that, even as recently as four years ago!)
  • NOT making $80,000 (darn)
  • NOT ridden my bike
  • NOT traveled to Italy or London 😦

Thinking that one of the two things I was SURE would never come to pass, now I am not so sure.  How strange is it to be fully aware of the amount you have matured, and the things you think of differently? I can pinpoint where I changed, what changed, and why.

And I can certainly agree with my mother when she said,

I told you so.


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