Review: Dr. Bronner’s

Guys guys guys, I’ve been slacking it.  I forgot to tell you all about Dr. Bronner’s! Horrible of me.  Enough apologizing, let’s jump right in! I used Dr. Bronner’s from my No Poo Shampoo post, and bought a big bottle of castille liquid soap at my local Target.  Little did I know they also sold soaps and lip balm! So when I officially began on my never-gonna-stop organic binge, I went back and bought all the DB’s products they had at my Target! And that started with these beauties.

Peppermint Bar Soap

$4.49 for one

Love the scent of this! My hubby saw me buy it and insisted that he try it out! Now this is all he uses. I love love love it.  All certified fair-trade with nothing but natural and organic ingredients! I’m in love guys.  It lathers just fine too! The scent is refreshing, and the best part is that they have SEVEN other scents!

Peppermint Lip Balm

$2.99 for one

This is the ONLY lip balm I keep in my purse. I’ve only tried peppermint and naked (which is unscented) and compared to any other lip balm, THIS is the best! The only downside is there is no SPF in it, so my lips go unprotected unless I smudge on some SPF balm, but my lips are super moist and never dry! It goes on smooth, and withstands multiple heat waves waiting in the car for you to get out of work.  (haha, I tested it a couple too many times, because it did melt [[eventually!!!]] but it’s an easy fix by just sticking it in the microwave a few times and waiting for it to cool) They have Lemon Lime and Orange Ginger which I am excited to try out.

I found these at my local Target, but only in Peppermint and Lavender.  However, I am happy to say I also found them at my local American Apparel store! They have almost all of the scents there! Super exciting!

But ladies, the great thing about Dr. Bronner’s is they have so much more than their classic line of castille liquid soaps (which they are famous for, and these soaps are AMAZING) They have Organic Virgin Coconut OilLiquid Hand and Body Soaps in convenient pumps for your sink, lotions, shaving gels (which I’m itching to try!) HAND SANITIZER, Sal Suds all-purpose cleaner, and hair care products! EEEKK! They even have a line of products for baby and sensitive skin!


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