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Men’s AK Watch

I bought the hubby a watch for his birthday a few years ago! It’s a super gorgeous watch with leather straps and has dials for the month and day of the year.

I believe it is from the Grand Perre Collection by  Adee Kaye, which sells watches for well over $200 a piece (you can find more decently priced watches on  I do not believe they have this in stock anymore, so if you want to search it, it is the AK6464 MRG-BLK model.

But you know ya girl likes a killer deal.  I bought the watch from our friend Esteban, who’s dad has a jewelry shop/knows some really good dealers and I got it for $150! And they even engraved it for me to say “Timey Wimey Detector” because we’re huge Doctor Who nerds.


Isn’t it pretty? I like a man with a lot of hair and good taste in watches. Which mostly means his beard and the watches I buy for him.  😉


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