Review: Pacifica Dreamy Youth Day/Night Cream

I’m running low on my day cream, and on impulse went into Sprout’s tonight for groceries.  In reality, I had just finished at the climbing gym and was STARVING.  So, going into a grocery store on an empty stomach is always a good idea.. RIGHT? (I walked out with ice cream, pasta, cheese, vodka cream sauce, and popcorn: it’s that kind of week)

So, stopped by the beauty section and I’ve been trying out Pacifica products lately (that I LOVE btw) so I just kinda browsed to see if anything caught my eye.

Now, I’ve been getting most of my beauty stuff at Target, but let me tell you, Sprouts has a MUCH bigger selection of natural and organic beauty products! My eye caught their day/night cream, which immediately made me pick it up (and put back an eyeliner; next time!) because, let’s face it, most creams are sold exclusively as ONLY day and ONLY night, meaning you pay $30+ for your beauty routine and end up using your day cream as a night cream anyways because hubby doesn’t like the smell of the night cream (shhhhh, I won’t tell if you won’t!)

I bought it, with my justification being that I was spending much less money on the same two products in one.

Pacifica Dreamy Youth Day and Night Cream $16 for 1.7oz


The packaging gets me.  It’s pink, pretty, gold and swirly! My favorites! The smell is absolutely fabulous, like the Rose Gardens at the Arboretum. One pump after your toner will help it to spread all over your face, and it isn’t greasy.  I love it because it’s a two in one, meaning I won’t be using two different products to get the job done every day.  It uses floral stem cells (those are a thing?!) to help combat aging, moisturize and promote healthy skin.  Yummy!

Next, I really want to try some of their Sea-themed products.


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