Back To School/Work Tips and Tricks!

Hey ya’ll!

School’s back in session, so I can’t sing “SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER” anymore.  Darn.  Last week was our first full week, and it can be super tough to go back after a holiday or break.  So I’m sharing some tips and tricks that help me to get back into my morning routine without becoming a total zombie at work.

Alarms alarms alarms!


Set alarms! They will be your best friend and your worst nightmare.  A student asked me just last week, “Why do you have so many alarms on your phone?” I’ll tell you why! When I get distracted/sleepy/lazy, they keep me in CHECK. I set one for a few minutes earlier than I need to wake up, and usually hit snooze for a few minutes.  I also have several after that as reminders: taking my vitamins, finish eating (I’m a slow eater), a warning when I have to leave and a YOU ARE LATE alarm.   At night, I have one for when I need to go to bed, because trust me, there’s been nights when I’m watching TV with the hubby, and suddenly it’s 11 o’clock! When you’re as scatterbrained as I am (teaching will do that to ya) then you need to have reminders to keep you in check.  I even keep alarms to remind me to take out the trash. HA!

Prep Your Meals

This is pretty important.  Knowing what you’re gonna eat in the morning and at lunch can seriously cut an hour out of your morning.  For hubby and I, we make huge amounts of leftovers on purpose so we have plenty of lunch food for the week.  So in the morning, when I am so not okay to be cooking a five-star meal, I can just throw my pre-made leftover container into my lunch bag and go.  ALSO, this keeps me healthier! I know a lot of teachers go out to eat during lunch, which can be a huge strain on your wallet and your waistline.  So prep prep prep! Hubby and I usually cook huge meals on Sunday for the week and pack them into leftover containers.  Or, if we don’t do that, when we cook during the week, we just make too much food.

Make A Simple Beauty Routine

Seriously. Admit it. You probably spend wayyyy too much time on your face/makeup/hair.  Ever been late to work? Still putting on mascara in the car? Doing your makeup AT WORK? That’s crazy to me! When I wore my contacts religiously, I HAD to do my makeup cause of my tired-eyes. I woke up way earlier and spent at least 15 minutes doing my makeup (just eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner for me, I’ve never been talented enough to do anything beyond that).  But I wear my glasses full-time, so now I’ve simplified it to just mascara.  Trust, your coworkers don’t need to see your full-blown makeup face.  Sure, the kids will notice when you actually TRY to put on makeup, but honestly, what’s it matter? Save that ish for a Saturday night.

If you absolutely refuse to walk out of the house withOUT makeup on, then try for something simple, quick and easy to do.

Keep A Calendar/Planner


When you’re a Special Ed teacher like me, you HAVE to make a planner. HAVE to.  We schedule IEP meets, have trainings, meet with parents… So to keep track, we need something to organize ourselves. For me, it’s a planner.  At home, it’s a calendar.  Otherwise, I would totally forget that we promised to go to the mother-in-law’s house next weekend.  Find some way to keep track of important dates and events, whether it’s the calendar in your phone or a physical calendar.  That way, you’re never late to the dentist 🙂

Make A Space For Your Stuff

I forgot my keys for work. YES, I DID.  I COULDN’T GET INTO MY OFFICE OR MY CLASSROOM! Know why? Because I left them on the dinner table, and NOT where I keep my stuff for the morning.  Make a space for you to keep your stuff you know you need to take with you to work whether it’s a hook on the way out the door, a basket, a shelf, whatever.  Just keep yo stuff where you won’t forget it!

Time For Yourself

This is important! Take time for yourself. Being responsible for 180 children for seven and a half hours a day is tiresome and can take a serious toll on your mental health.  A lot of teachers experience burn-out after a few years, and here’s why.  They are overworked, underpaid and take grading home.  Teachers often stay late or on weekends to get work done and usually work at least 2-3 hours past the last bell! Isn’t that crazy? Any other job, and you’d be OUT at the exact time your boss says you can leave, but not teachers. One teacher I know stays at work until 5 or 6pm every NIGHT! That’s crazyy to me.

So, find something that helps you decompress and relax every night. TV, reading, blogging, working on the yard, talking about your day to your husband, whatever.  Taking time to mentally review the day can help you to feel less-stressed as well, called decompressing.  And then, have fun on the weekends! Go somewhere, have a vacation or staycation.  Just make sure you take time for yourself.

I hope these tips and tricks help you!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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