Review: Kiss My Face Sunscreen and Others

You guys should know by now that I’m an advocate for wearing sunscreen or SPF on a daily basis as preventative medicine, right? Well if you’re not, get on board.  Because I just discovered Kiss My Face.  And I love it.  Kiss My Face is a great line; it’s not 100% organic-certified, but they don’t use nasty chemicals and parabens, mostly natural ingredients.  So I’ll buy Kiss My Face from now on.  They’ve also got a lovely Olive Oil line, and I LOVE olive oil.  (I once did a presentation on O.O in Speech and Debate :))

Kiss My Face SPF 30 Sunscreen $13 for 4oz


I’ve learned that SPF 30 is the minimum SPF you want to use on your body.  In addition, there is research that states anything over 30 is just as effective as SPF 30.  I’ve been using this sunscreen for YEARS.  It rubs in quickly, and lasts for a while in the water, so long as you let it settle in.  When I’m out and about, it will usually last all day if I stay away from moisture and water.

You can find this lotion on Amazon for about $5 cheaper.

Before Kiss My Face, I was using Skintimate for YEARS. Probably since my mother first let me use a razor.  And I’ve always gotten nasty red bumps, razor burn and irritated skin.  I always attributed it to my razor, that is, until I discovered organic.  I figured out that every time I shaved, my skin would be prone to all the chemicals in my shaving gel and react.  So I found Kiss My Face Shave Moisturizer.  It is awesome! I have smooth legs, no bumps and they’re nice and white, like they should be 🙂 It has a pleasant smell, like a key lime pie! And it works a little like a foaming conditioner.  It spreads on smooth like conditioner, but foams ever so slightly.  Pretty awesome! I love this!  You can get it for $5 on Amazon.


So this stuff is pretty awesome.  I got it because I’m doing a swimming class during the summer to keep me on track to graduate in June of 2013 (ONE YEAR AWAY!!!! AHHH!) because I needed something with a LOT of SPF to keep me from burning.  It’s a spray with a faintly coconut smell, but it does smell a little medicine-y.  More like regular sunscreen, I’d say.  But it’s bearable.  I used this when I went hiking up to the falls above Day Creek in Rancho Cucamonga.  It kept me from getting burned, but the bugs LOVED me.  Haha, note to self, bring bug spray.  Or a dryer sheet. I’m glad I didn’t get irritated either, because sunscreens tend to do that (hmmm, maybe because of those nasty CHEMICALS!?) So this stuff will be a staple this summer. You can get it for $12 on Amazon.

Kiss My Face SPF 30 Spray $15.95 for 8oz


While I like this because the formula is thinner, the applicator/trigger SUCKS.  The smell is pleasant, it comes in an easy to apply spray bottle, and it even has this neat little invention so you can lock the handle to prevent it from accidentally spraying all over your bag! It’s not too greasy and doesn’t use chemicals, so yeah. A keeper.  I use this every day on my shoulders and décolleté.  It’s great for a trip to Disneyland, or hiking up to the falls!

So, while a great product with lots of perks, I don’t recommend buying this because of the faulty trigger.


Kiss My Face Hot Spots Stick SPF 30 $8.99 for a stick


I actually got this for free as part of a deal on, it was buy $25 in Kiss My Face and get this free! Pretty nifty.  I can keep this in my bag for a quick reapplication on sun-prone spots, like my face when I go out somewhere all day.  I love how the package says “Practice Safe Sun!” HAHA oh, you punny. (Geddit? PUN-Y!? Ha. Ha.)

HOWEVER, I won’t buy it, because the consistency of the stick is thick and hard to spread on your face.  It feels like you’re trying to pull your skin off with this.  But, if you like that, or hate rubbing in lotion, try this out.

Overall, Kiss My Face is an excellent skincare line to try out, and can be found at Sprouts, Target and


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