Proof Why Non-Organic Sunscreen is BAD

I’m an avid believer in organic skincare, sunscreen included. One day a few years ago, I came home to my parents exclaiming over the kitchen tablecloth which had an odd burn-like ripple on it, about 5 inches long. It’s a plastic tablecloth, so if you’ve ever put something hot on it, it will kinda crinkle and ripple. This sort of looked like that.  Well, the thing that caused the burn was NOT a hot pan, but SUNSCREEN. Yes, you read right. SUNSCREEN, that you put on your face everyday, BURNED a tablecloth. It leaked out of the cap and onto the table. Oh. My. God. Imagine, if the chemicals in sunscreen can do this much damage to a tablecloth then what on earth is it doing to your face?!?? 

The perpetrator is Mary Kay SPF 30. Just regular sunscreen. You shouldn’t be worried just about this brand, but of all non-organic skincare products! The chemicals in all skincare products are all the same and used for many many other uses you would be horrified to know.

So guys, if I haven’t convinced you yet, then now should be a big push to go organic.  Because you might save a buck today, but in 20 years, when you’ve got all kinds of medical problems that you don’t know how you got, you’ll be wishing you’d spent the money because medical bills are a hell of a lot more than organic skincare.

I like to call it preventative medicine. Just in case.

Instead of icky, nasty, chemical-ridden sunscreen, check out my post on organic sunscreens I swear by.


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