Review: NakedWines.Com

I’ve teamed up with Mark, owner of World and Wine Getaways for this post! Thanks, Mark for hosting a wonderful wine tasting party!

After purchasing an SD memory card on Amazon (my favorite!) I received a little wine voucher in the mail from NakedWines.com.  I’d actually received one of these before during my Birchbox days, but being a broke college student who didn’t like wine (at the time!!) meant I wasn’t interested in paying money for it.



I showed hubby, who immediately took interest and started doing some research.  He found that all of the wines are exclusive to the site, and that paying for a membership is just as expensive as getting the bottles regular price.  The exclusivity of the wine could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.  On one hand, they’re ‘rare’, and can’t be found anywhere else. But on the other hand, they may just be second-rate wine that is more expensive BECAUSE it is ‘rare’. We shall see!

The voucher is $100 off a case of 6-12 bottles or more valued at $150 or more.  The website has some preselected ‘favorites’ that they recommend, including an “Angelic Customers Favorite”, a mixed red and white, and just red or white cases.  But, you can also BUILD your own case. And for $40 a month, you can become a member.

HOWEVER. If you are NOT a member, prices can add up, fast! For example, I added a few of the ‘customer rated favorites’ to my case, just for mints and giggles, and at 12 bottles, was WELL over $500. EEEK! Nope! So I subtracted down to 6 bottles, and it was around $280, plus $100 off. NO WAY was I going to pay $180 for 6 bottles!

I ended up settling for the Angelic Customers Favorite. Original price: $243 for 12, $160 off. Grand total was $85 or so (shipping was free).

Naturally, when you have with a whole case of wine to yourself, you decide the best way to get rid of it is to drink it with friends and family.  NOT BY YOURSELF! Did you think I was crazy?!

Here’s what happened.

We received the nearly 40-lb box in the mail after a few days and unpacked it to discover a full case! Nicely packaged, no damage to the bottles.

We took the wine to Mark’s house, where he began researching each bottle to find out more about them.

During the tasting, each of us grabbed a glass, a pen and a piece of paper to write down our thoughts and notes.


Montaria Red Blend, 2014, Portugal, $20

Laurette: Blackberry, currant, coffee. Light and mild. Good!

James: Deep ruby. Nose: woody and nutty, almond. Palate: currant, raspberry, nice tannin, slight dry, rolls off palate nicely, almond. Very good.

Mike and Therese: coffee and caramel on the nose, cherry and blackberries. Good.

Mark: Crimson in the glass, berry on the nose, lingering finish and tennis.  Almost wow.

Overall: 4 of 4.


Mauricio Lorca Malbec, 2015, Argentina, $22

Laurette: Sweet, blueberry, tangy, oak and toast. Good!

James: Deep red, dark. Nose: oak, vanilla. Palate: vanilla, oak. Raspberry, strawberry. Good.

Mike and Therese: Nope.

Mark:  Deep crimson in the glass, berries and spice on the nose, medium headed with a lingering finish and cherry.  Good.

Overall: 3 of 4.


Carmen Stevens Shiraz, 2015, South Africa, $9

Laurette: My favorite! Brown sugar on the nose, sweet! Umm! Prune and soft.

James: Uncut deep ruby. Nose: fruitier. Palate: tannin, woody, slightly burned, wood, smokey. Meh.

Mike and Therese: Toast on the nose, roasted or cooked redcurrant, big deep rich flavor.  Great!

Mark: Deep crimson in the glass, berries on the nose, some spice, medium body, chocolate.  Good.

Overall: 3 of 4. Surprisingly, the best bottle for the price point.


Arabella Shiraz, 2015, South Africa, $20

Laurette: Apricot or peach, bitter. Musk? Not good.

James: Nose: candy, caramel, pepper.  Palate: raisin, woody, leathery, tobacco, anise. Good.

Mike and Therese: Toasty on the nose, clean and full. Star of anise. Licorice. Good.

Mark: Pepper on the nose, crimson light to medium body. Good.

Overall: 3 of 4.


Matt Parish Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014, Napa Valley, $18

Laurette: Oak, vanilla, toasty. Meh.

James: Deep red. Nose: bright fruit. Alright.

Mike and Therese: Full spice notes on the nose, caramel and fruit, cherry, prune and some candy with a dry finish. Meh.

Mark: Light, unbalanced. Okay.

Overall: 1 of 4.


Katy Michaud Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013, Columbia Valley, $25

Laurette: red currant, oak on the nose. Meh.

James: Nose: candy and clove. Palate: fruity, slight leather. Very good.

Mark: Dark purple, leather on the palate. Almost wow.

Overall: 2 of 3.


Karen Birmingham Zinfandel, 2014, Lodi, $12

Laurette: butter, rose on the nose, mild. Cherry, sharp finish. Good!

James: Nose: caramel. Palate: very sweet, honeycomb.  Good.

Mark: Purple, smooth, spice, lingering finish. Good.

Overall: 3 of 3.


Katy Michaud Riesling, 2015, Columbia Valley, $10

Laurette: My favorite white! Green apple, tangy, reminds me of my favorite Dr. Loosen.

James: Light green in color. On the nose: green apple, fruity. Palate: dry and sweet, peach, green apple, apple skin. Good.

Mike and Therese: apricot, peach on the nose. Fruity bouquet and slightly sweet. Tasty!

Mark: Semi-sweet. Okay wine. 81

Overall: 3 of 4.


Rumpus Sauvignon Blanc, 2015, California, $20

Laurette: Grapefruit, lychee, mild. Great on the nose. Mild on the tongue. Good.

James: On the nose: light, sour apple. Palate: orange pith, lemon pith, grapefruit. Meh.

Mike and Therese: clean and colorless. Not much else. Meh.

Mark: Light straw in glass, tropical on the nose. Good.

Overall: 2 of 4.


Karen Birmingham Sauvignon Blanc, 2015, Lodi, $16

Laurette: Plastic, gross, tangy. Nope.

James: Pale light color. On the nose: crisp green apple, buttery. Palate: sour apple, grapefruit.

Mike and Therese: Buttery, woody, fruit on the nose, apple and spicy on the finish. Meh.

Mark: Straw in glass, lemon, lacks balance. Meh. 81.

Overall: 0 of 4.


Janus Pinot Grigio, 2015, Italy, $17

Laurette: Lychee and tang with lemon. Not my favorite at all.

James: Light clean straw color. On the nose: crisp apple. Palate: sour, grapefruit. Good.

Mike and Therese: Clean and fruity on the nose, apple, melon and fruit taste. Nice and light.  Good.

Mark: straw color in glass, medium body, citrus. Lingering finish. Good. 89.

Overall: 3 of 4.


F. Stephen Miller Chardonnay, 2014, Lodi, $16

Laurette: Lemony, mild, plain and fishy aftertaste. Ick.

James: Pale in color. On the nose: fermented grape. Palate: grapefruit, lemon. Excellent!

Mike and Therese: Full body with grass notes and some charcoal, clean full spicy finish. Great!

Mark: Medium body, structure in the glass, grapefruit. 88. Good.

Overall: 3 of 4.

We also ate! Sandwiches courtesy of Claro’s (OMG so good!) and some delicious additions from family, like our cheese ball, vermicelli, apple dip and MEAT STICK!

Overall, a pretty good selection. There were a few everyone agreed were NOT good.  I’d say my only issue is that these wines can only be bought via naked wines, and they WILL charge you $40 a month to be a member if you don’t cancel right away. But, if you’re willing to foot the bill and have a wine party, then totally worth it. And compared to the “retail” price of the bottles, this voucher is a great deal!

*NOT affiliated with/endorsed by NakedWines.com. Just trying it out for mints and giggles!


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