Review: SkivvieNix

*Sorry for the temporary hiatus.  The first two months of school are CRAZY busy, AND I just started my Masters classes back up this week. PHEW. Busy lady.  

I used to be SUPER into monthly subscription boxes  but I haven’t had a subscription in about three years.  I was browsing the webs and randomly came across this on Instagram.

Skivvie Nix is apparently a monthly subscription to UNDIES. Yes, UNDIES! And super cute ones, too! It is $19 per month, for two undies.  Which is about 9.50 each and cheaper than Victoria’s Secret.

They cleverly market their undies in styrofoam meat packages, which probably came from the idea of a piece of ass being a fine piece of meat. LOL. Their slogan is  #FreeRangeASSFed. Loving the puns!

There are three options:

T-Bone – two thongs

Tenderloin – one thong, one cheeky

Rump roast – two cheekies

Clever, right?

I got the Rump Roast for August’s ‘box’.  Here’s what it looked like.


“When “COOKED” throughly..Discard!” LOL


Cute huh? The purple ones are TRULY cheeky. It all hangs out, whereas the grey and white ones offer a bit more coverage.

If you’re into something clever and fun, try them out!


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