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Add A Little DIY To Your Halloween Spookiness

It’s Halloweeeeeen timeeeee! Yes. I am FULLY aware that it is still September.  I am also FULLY aware that I consciously made a choice to pull down the decorations from the attic around the beginning of September and let it mellow in my office til I gave in and decorated two weeks ago.

Naturally, the holidays are my favorite times of the year (aside from my two-month summer break *squee*).  And double naturally, I’m frugal.  So triple naturally, DIY-it-up!

Last year, many MANY dollars were spent at the Dollar Store, as well as some serious combings-through in the clearance section AFTER Halloween.

For example, the plate? 90% off. (Only one that wasn’t chipped, SCORE!)  The spooky fabric? Stocked up at the dollar tree.
The cute village? “Donated” by my parents. (When I say “donated”, I mean “I’m taking these kay-bye”)
I had to have this when I went to Disneyland recently. It’s a Poison Apple Stein!

On to the DIY-ing. A lot of these things I did last year and didn’t take pictures, but I’ll walk you through them.

From left to right: Spellbook covers, customized wine bottle tags, dollar-tree skelton, witch cutout and up top: paper bat cutouts


Spell Book Covers

These are as simple as loading up your printer with some nice-looking paper, printing it out and folding them around the books.  You can find some really cool FREE ones here.


Wine Bottle Tags

For this project, you need:

  • Empty wine bottles
  • Black matte spray paint
  • Printer and paper
  • Modpodge
  • This and this free printable

Remove the labels off of the wine bottles using warm water, a scrub brush and lots of patience.

Once clean and dry and free of any sticky residue, spray paint black. Let dry.

Print out your tags and carefully cut them out (also, be sure you have enough ink in your printer, otherwise you’ll end up with a pinkish Draught of Death).

Using a brush and modpodge, carefully attach your labels to the bottles (don’t use too much or your ink will run!) and give it a nice coat over the top. Let dry!


Witch Better Have My Candy Cutouts

This tutorial is courtesy of Michaels.  Check it out here! The hardest part was finding the right color craft paper, and then pasting it on, since the canvas has no support right in the middle.


Spooky Skeleton Candles *unfinished

I saw a version of this at Walgreens, for $8 and I said NO NO NO.

So, I went to the Dollar Store (my savior!) and picked up a bunch of dollar skulls. Here’s what you need.

  • Dollar skulls
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Glue gun and LOTS of glue sticks
  • Black spray paint
  • Battery powered tea lights (you probably don’t want an open flame near these)

Simply glue the tube to the top of the head.  Create a little circle cut out and glue it to the top (this is where your light will sit)

Using the glue gun in nice big globs, make “drips” like a melting candle.  I found the best way for this was to do a thin line down the side of the tube, then just kind of make a big glob at the end where the drip ‘ends’.

Paint your skulls! You can get creative, and make it look like a REAL skull and candle, like here and here.




Skeleton Trophies

We had our Halloween party last year, and had a costume/pumpkin carving contest.  The trophies were a HIT!

  • Dollar store skeleton ‘garland’ (4 on a 60″ string)
  • Four pack of wood bases (Hobby Lobby, $1.99)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Gold spray paint
  • Modpodge and labels

Take apart your skeleton garland by cutting away the string and little circular bit at the top of the head of your skeletons.

Depending on how you want to position your skeletons (and how flexible they are), take apart your skeleton at the joint with scissors. For example, I wanted one skeleton with his arms outstretched, so I snipped at the shoulder, and then re-glued it back on in the proper position. Be careful! Glue is hot and will get on your fingers while holding the arm in place til it dries!

Carefully glue your skeleton back together on the wood pedestal.

Spray paint your skeletons.

Print and cut out small labels for each category (Best Pumpkin, Best Costume, Most Creative, Funniest Costume, Scariest Costume, Best Kids Costume and Best Couple) and modpodge them on to the base of your trophy.

Here’s the finished product from last year’s models.



Below are some of my other decorations (NOT DIY).

The two sculptures on the left I actually made in ceramics in high school.





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