Review: Jollification Soap

Husband bought some soap and it is lovely! He bought two: the Coffee Scrub and the Beach House soap which features a loofah! Nifty! These soaps are: Sulfate free Paraben free Petroleum product & byproduct free Synthetic fragrance free Scented with pure oils & essential oil Vegetarian Sustainable  Jollification Soap by Julia Coffee Scrub $8.50 Unfortunately,… Continue reading Review: Jollification Soap

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2016 Nifty Gifty Guide – Ladies Edition

1. Pacifica Travel Kit 2. Pink Watermelon Tourmaline Ring 3. P.F. Co. Soy Candle 4. Enamel Mug 5. Chunky Cable Knit Throw  6. Copco To Go Mug 7. Rustic Cord Keeper 8. Rose Lip Polish  9. Knit Scarf  10. Toms Slippers 11. Pacifica Good Karma Set         *Images made by me and gifts picked by me. Not sponsored.


Review: Appraising Pages Nightmare Box

Hello all! My, what a busy-busy-crazy-unfortunate-amazing -whatever couple of months it has been.  Teaching, tutoring, schooling and living make my time limited. BUT NOW IT IS THANKSGIVING BREAK! Last year, we flew off to Oregon, which was amazing and I wish I could do it again but.. alas. This year we’re eating and camping. Yay!… Continue reading Review: Appraising Pages Nightmare Box