Campsgiving 2016

This Thanksgiving we did things a little different.  Last year, we traveled to Oregon but this year was just as unique and fun.

Our typical travel-to-two-seperate-family-dinners-in-on-day-and-eat-everything-in-site ended up happened on separate dates.  We spent Thanksgiving dinner with my parents on Wednesday and dinner with husband’s family on Sunday. As a result, our Thanksgiving was totally free!

SO we went camping. In the desert.  With tents.

Are we crazy?! Probably. Did we freeze? Mostly. Was it GORGEOUS? Of course.

We headed up to Saddleback Butte State Park, which is 20 miles outside Lancaster, or 80 miles from L.A.  (We live in San Bernardino and it took us about an hour). They are one of few state parks that is first-come, first-serve and is self-registration.  There are fifty sites with fire pits, picnic tables and bathrooms but no showers.  It is $20 a night plus $6 for additional cars.

We got a late start, so we left Wednesday night around 5pm.  Meaning we set up tents in the dark. Not a big deal, my husband and I are seasoned campers.  We also went with our friends Gio and Esteban, who took his fancy schmancy camera and took lots of amazing pictures.

On the morning of Thanksgiving, it was 31* Fahrenheit.  Brrrrrrr! Husband I and did just fine, as I brought about fifty blankets and sleeping bags. Plus, he’s a heater at night.  Our poor friend Esteban, though, brought one sleeping bag and a blanket (that were super thin!) He froze. Oops! Lesson learned.  Always come prepared when camping!

We built a fire, made MOUNTAIN MAN BREAKFAST in a dutch oven (the best kind of breakfast food to make while camping) and enjoyed the chilly morning air.  Later, we went on a hike up to the peak, and, well.. you just have to see.


ALL photos shot by and courtesy of Esteban Raposo, author of SpinFreeStories.


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