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DIY Reindeer Head Canvas

Hey all!

I’ve got two cute decorations for you to make this year.  Actually, I made one of these projects last year, and the other I made for Halloween but totally spaced about posting it.

So here we are.

First are the two Reindeer canvas projects you see on the mantle.

The second are my Beetlejuice Silhouette projects.


Reindeer Canvas Project


  • Two pack of 8×10 canvas from hobby store
  • Two 12×12 pieces of glittery scrapbook paper
  • Xacto knife and cutting board
  • Modpodge
  • Stencil from this site
  1. Print out stencil


  1. Place over scrapbook paper and cut out. Repeat.
  2. Position on canvas and modpodge.  Repeat for second canvas.
  3. Spray with a finishing spray.



But don’t let that paper go to waste! With the leftover scrapbook paper, glue a piece of red or other colored card stock (12×12) onto the back and frame in a 12×12 album cover frame! You can find them at a craft store for about $10. I haven’t framed mine yet, but here’s what it looks like.


In all, the Reindeer project can make up to four decorations. Neat, eh?


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