Review: Apple Watch!

Now I’m not a techie.  That would be my husband. But I do have the most wonderful husband in the world who got me an early Christmas present!!!!



Surprise! I’ve wanted one forever, and he listened. He ordered it on Black Friday but it arrived yesterday! So I wrapped it, gave it to him to give to me and he said “you can open it”. Do you really think I have patience to wait til Christmas?! No!

I opened the box and at first was very confused. I said “Wait, what?! It’s a white box. OH!” *cue super cute squeal*

fullsizeoutput_9596fullsizeoutput_959cp1020619fullsizeoutput_9597This is the Apple Watch Series 2, which is water resistant* up to 50 meters.  Husband got this for me because I’m a swimmer.

It has a heart rate sensor, GPS tracker, breathe app, activity app (which keeps track of your steps, calories burned, etc) and is a comprehensive workout tracker.

It also has 18 hours of battery life, comes with a magnetic charging dock/cable (COOL!) and is compatible with a bunch of apps, such as Hue Lights, the Nest, Instagram, Amazon and Clear (a checklist app that I love better than Remind).

This puppy will run you upwards of $369, depending on the band you get.  Apple offers 18 months financing, so it is rather affordable, especially if you use it every day like I will at work.  SQUEEE!


Isn’t she pretty!? I LOVE IT!


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