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Review: Zuzu Luxe Lipstick!

Finding a good, organic lipstick is pretty difficult.  So far in my experience, lipsticks that have decent ingredients are either drying, fade fast, don’t last, bleed, or get flaky and icky. If you recall, I wrote about Burt’s Bees Lip-crayons and Pacifica lipstick and lip tints a while back. From experience, their line of lip crayons and lipsticks was good, not great.  Here’s a quick recap:


– Vibrant colors (both)

– Goes on smooth (both)

– Keeps lips moisturized (both)


– A bit more greasy than the crayons

– Lasts longer* (lipstick)

– Definitely comes off on drinkware (both)

– Leaves feathering on lips/cakes quickly (crayon)

– Not long lasting (crayon)

*Longer, as in more than a couple hours, but not all day

Pacifica was not my favorite in this review post, either.

So here’s my newest tryout.

Zuzu Luxe Lipstick in Femme Fatale $19

Zuzu Luxe is a branch of Gabriel Cosmetics, one of my favorite go-tos for makeup.  I’ve used everything from foundation to mascara to eye liners from them.  As of now, my favorite is their Zuzu Luxe liquid eyeliner. I love it because it dries fast and does not smudge!

Out of all the lip sticks I have tried thus far, it is by far MY FAVORITE. I love the smooth bullet-like packaging, and the color is beautiful.  With a lipliner, it stays where I put it (otherwise it WILL bleed).  It also lasts a lot longer than the other lipsticks I’ve tried, doesn’t cake as much, and doesn’t dry out my lips as much.



From top: Burt’s Bees in Soaked Scarlet, Zuzu Luxe in Femme Fatale, Burt’s Bees in Napa Vineyard, and Burt’s Bees in Bordeaux Vines

As you can see, the Soaked Scarlet is deep red but already caked, Femme Fatale is a deep reddish-purple, Napa Vineyard is a bright red and Bordeaux Vines is a deep red.

I am very excited to try more of Zuzu Luxe line, and some other brands as well! Next up on my wish list is 100% Pure and Nudus! Stay tuned!


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