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My name is Laurette and I have an addiction.

To  Phew, that was easy enough to admit.  Glad I got that off my chest.

The hubby is addicted to Reddit, and he likes to say that Pinterest is like Reddit, but for girls, and I AGREE.

I love it. I can’t get away from it. I planned my wedding , decorated my house, planned for my next, NEW house and even found babies.  Yes, BABIES. And I don’t even want any, but I’ve got a board of BABiES.

So anyways, I thought I’d tell you about my addiction and how it has changed and will change my life.

I have FORTY boards on Pinterest, everything from Recipes to Beauty and Makeup (tips and tricks), Eco Friendly in the Home, DIY and Crafts, Party Ideas, Dream Home, Organization in the Home, For Your Health (work outs) and more.  I’m a very organized person, almost to the point of OCD (I’m not quite ready to admit that yet) so I love the idea of separating pins onto boards that have specific categories or topics.

I LOVE all of the organization tips, tricks, cleaning alternatives to chemical-ridden store bought products, recipes and style ideas!  Did you know that the only purchases you need to make for your cleaning/bug repellant/laundry arsenal is:

– White vinegar and apple cider vinegar

– Rubbing alcohol

– Baking soda and washing soda

– Essential oils, especially cedar, eucalyptus and tea tree

– Castille soap

– Lemons and orange peels

– Borax

– Hydrogen peroxide (which works wonders as a teeth whitener)

You can buy all of this in bulk for hundreds of dollars less than drugstore cleaning/laundry/bug repellant products.  Not only do these save you tons of money (because a big bottle/box goes a LONG way and into so many different cleaning products) but you’re not stinking up your house or filling your lungs (especially your baby’s!) with toxic, nauseous and dangerous chemicals! No more Febreeze, no more Lysol, no more Windex, no more Pledge, no more Tide! Check out my Eco Friendly for the Home board to see all of the pins I’ve collected on recipes for homemade cleaning products, including how to make 500 loads of laundry soap for under $10!

Although I do have almost 600 recipes on my Recipe board (this does NOT include all of my cookbooks!) I have tried a few and loved them all! Like this recipe from Life’s Ambrosia for Bacon Cheese dip (it’s so addicting, you have NO idea) that I made at a Christmas party a few years ago.  HOLY COW PIE. I subbed turkey bacon because I can’t/don’t eat red meat and it was phenomenal.  (I have high cholesterol :/ thanks to my parents) and this amazing Garlic Shrimp with Basil, Tomato, Orzo pasta and white wine sauce from Serious Eats. Mmmm..I’ve found all kinds of tips too (like who knew that leftover liquids from a recipe, such as evaporated milk, chicken broth or pumpkin puree, could be frozen in ice cube trays!)  For every recipe I’ve tried, there’s probably ten more I haven’t yet tried.

When we have MORE space, I’m gonna organize organize organize til someone does an intervention.  Okay, maybe not that crazy, but ladies (and gents if you read me 🙂 Pinterest lets me indulge in my guilty pleasures.  My mom is an unorganized mess (sorry mom, I love you!) and she inspired me to be organized.  She also maintains I got my planning/organization skills from my dad’s mother, but I’m not picky.  Equal helpings of half and half contributed to my not-OCD-ness.  Anyways, there’s so many wonderful tips and tricks! Like putting your cupcake liners in reusable spaghetti jars from Torie Jayne! Or painting the inside of your pantry/cabinets with chalkboard paint (also found DIY chalkboard paint for way cheaper here) so that you can easily write down things you need from the store as you run out or write recipes and plan your weekly meals. Gosh I could go on FOREVER.  You seriously have no idea.  I’ve already put some ideas to use, such as reusing old maps and framing them.

Anyways, I hate to get you addicted, but go, go get addicted.  It will make your life better. Promise. I work out 10x more than I would have (which was never) without Pinterest because I didn’t know you could do just as intense workouts at home as you could at the gym.  Go my pretties and be freeeeee! Ha.